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This group of sites is part of the MUSICGROUPS.COM NETWORK re-build project.

Next steps for each site is finding a site manager to represent the site and goals. Minimum 50% looking for the Win Win! Hit us up here!

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Please feel free to reach out with goals and ideas. This is a site needing a team! All ideas and goals that are good for clubs are good for this site. Including promoting other clubs and venue sites. Help us build a music co-op!!





Darrin Nupuf of Proimages Communications had the vision to create the Network and launched the project in late 1990’s. The concept was to create a multi site portal system to promote musicians and share their links and music across the network. Primary goal of promoting and helping Independent artists earn income. Helping them sell direct or any place they have sales set up.  A lot happened over the years, and 200 sites are getting a modern rebuild. Darrin brings web hosting and video production services to the network.

He personally has funded and maintained the goals.

Darrin has been an illustrator and 3D animator for decades. Now involved in camera robotics, drones, reality capture and virtual production services.

He is seeking like minded individuals that want to build something different and cooperative. The time has come for a true de-centralized music and arts cooperative!

The test, can we join yours??

Good news, the plan is to open source our legacy code base!

Stay tuned in! Better yet get involved!


Listen Now!

We need lots of clubs!! We really need a site manager for next steps.
The goal is to open source the database we are building, and develop a full toolset for clubs and musicians! Once the database is localized big things can develop!

It’s one thing to have big goals another to work on the baby steps!
Reach out and say hello! No bot’s here!!